On “The Lair” by Norman Manea

Toward the end of the 1990s, the dissolution of the Soviet Union was touted by Western observers as the dawn of a new age, the end of history as some stated. The liberalization of the Iron Curtain and former soviet states would result in the "universalization of Western Liberal democracy," as Francis Fukuyama famously put... Continue Reading →


Following Equifax Breach, United States should look at EU’s GDPR for Data Protection

This year The European Union passed the most extensive overhaul of data regulation with the passage of the General Data Regulation Protections (GDRP), which is slated to take effect in May of 2018. Following the devastating Equifax breach, which exposed sensitive personal data belonging to 144 million people, it's time the United State follows suit,... Continue Reading →

Neil Blomklamp’s Radical Futurism

If historical projects often pass over the periphery, annihilating local memory in favor of historical revision, then imagining a future always relies on the absence the periphery. Science Fiction rarely imagines the Caribbean, or the Indian Subcontinent, or North Africa. Outside of a literary afro-futurism, there often is an unquestioned erasure of what an alien... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: “Salt and Fire”

For the past three decades, Werner Herzog has embodied  auteurist cinema, creating a distinctive body of work which plumbs the metaphysics of the modern world. Characteristic of his work is an intense curiosity, intelligence and a daring poetic sensibility. Unfortunately, these virtues which animated documentaries such as "Into The Abyss" and "Grizzly Man" become dead... Continue Reading →

These Photos were taken at a wonderful performance of the Corona Symphony Orchestra. The Orchestra performed pieces by Edvard Grieg and Tchaikovsky.

These photos were taken at Carbon Canyon Regional Park, in Yorba Linda. This regional park is one of the few places in Southern California that has Redwood Trees. About a mile away from the center of a park a brisk hike leads to a grove of coastal redwood trees.

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